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February 04 2014

Meet Deborah Riley

GOT welcomes a new production designer for Season 4. 

June 03 2013

Michelle Fairley Loved the Red Wedding

This season's major turning point – the wedding day massacre at the Twins – also happens to be Michelle Fairley's favorite scene of the past three seasons. The actress talks to about filming the scene, Cat's issues with Jon Snow, and why she's always making those prayer wheels.

HBO: What was going through Cat's mind when the "Rains of Castamere" starts to play?

Michelle Fairley:  I remember shooting that and having to turn. She's thinking, "What is this music?" It says something ominous to her, like something has walked over her grave; her hackles are up. But she doesn't know what it is because she's an honorable human being. The last thing on her mind is that Walder Frey would use this occasion to seek his revenge.

Read the full interview with Michelle Fairley on

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May 20 2013

Blood, Sex and Magic: Carice van Houten Talks Melisandre’s Mission

We already know Melisandre isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty for the Lord of Light. This past Sunday, the Red priestess whipped up something new: Take one Baratheon bastard, prime him sexually, sprinkle on some hungry leeches and voila—king’s blood. In an interview with, actress Carice van Houten discusses the scene, on-screen nudity, and what she really thinks of Davos.

HBO: How does Melisandre view her relationship with Stannis?

Carice van Houten:  She’s convinced that he’s the chosen one. She believes he’s going to defeat the “Great Other," so she loves him—but not necessarily in a sexual way. She respects him, but it’s not a romantic relationship. I wouldn’t say either of them are the romantic kind, per se.

Continue to for the full interview with Carice van Houten.

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May 13 2013

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Doesn't Trust Daenerys Targaryen

This Sunday, the Kingslayer faced one of his fiercest opponents to date—a bear. In an interview with, actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau opens up about Jaime’s secrets, his relationship with Brienne of Tarth, and what's so scary about Dany.

HBO: What attracts Jaime to Brienne? Why does he trust her?

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau: She lives by a code that Jaime also believes, but he’s become a very cynical person. He’s learned that all these beautiful words like "honor" and "dignity" don’t mean anything in this world. Then he meets someone who says, “Well, I don’t care because that’s how I am. I have to stand up for what I believe is right.” Which is what Brienne does, she reaffirms there’s a place for dignity… I think it reawakens something inside of him. He just knows she can be trusted, it’s instinctual.

Read the full interview with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau on

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May 06 2013

The Rise and Fall of Ros

This Sunday's episode, "The Climb," marked the end of the line for Ros. In an interview with, actress Esmé Bianco discusses the evolution of her character, why she spied for Varys, and what's so appealing about life in King's Landing.

Ros managed to gain the confidence of both Varys and Littlefinger. What is about her that made them trust her?

Everyone thinks she has lower expectations. I think people underestimate her because she's not someone who's trying to marry the king or steal the throne. She's on a different level. But she is so clever at being a woman. She knows how to use her feminine wiles to gain trust, so people have that confidence in her, but they're underestimating how ambitious she is.

Continue to to read the full interview with Esmé Bianco.

April 26 2013

Bryan Cogman Has His Own Dark Dreams, Wouldn't Want to Warg

This season’s fifth episode, “Kissed by Fire,” was penned by Executive Story Editor and writer Bryan Cogman. Wondering why things happen when they do in the season? In an interview with, Cogman explains how scenes are mapped out, his take on Jaime’s turning point, and who he thinks is the richest family in Westeros.  Photo: Riley Stearns

How did you come to tackle Episode 305? Are there any benefits or drawbacks to writing the midseason episode?

Well, the benefit was certainly that, at this point in the season, the storylines are really cooking and I had several juicy scenes to play with. And, of course, it’s 'Game of Thrones,' so we’re still introducing new characters (Selyse & Shireen Baratheon) so it had a little bit of everything. I suppose the biggest challenge was that I was writing it without having the benefit of seeing 303 or 304 (I think I had seen drafts of 301 and 302) so it’s kind of difficult building on arcs that haven’t been written yet, but we even all that out in the revision process.

Continue to to read the full interview with Bryan Cogman.

March 07 2013

Down to the Smallest Detail

 Small details can pose big challenges. Go behind the scenes with Propmaster Gordon Fitzgerald.

January 31 2013

Intensity of Iceland

"It's what you think it is, times ten." Go behind the scenes of the most intense location of all.

May 24 2012

It’s Good to Be King

Richard Madden explains the pressures that forge a young leader.

Robb Stark’s world has changed so much this season … how has going to war affected him?

In Season 1, Robb was being pushed into all these situations and reacting to them. In Season 2, he’s the one who’s driving the action much more, forcing other people to react to his decisions. So he’s much more independent-minded in Season 2, and he’s gotten a lot better at pretending to be a man. He’s still a boy at heart, but he has to pretend to be this leader of men – and in the act of pretending, he’s becoming this king he needs to be. I think he’s surprising himself.

What’s it like for Robb to come back to camp with Talisa and find out his mother has freed his most valuable prisoner?  

He’s crushed. He’s met this woman who seems like a light in the darkness for him – someone he can talk to who isn’t his mother. And the longest he’s spent with her was this journey they went on, and the worst thing has happened while he’s gone: The Kingslayer’s escaped, and it’s his mother’s fault. There’s the rage and the anger that comes with that, but I think the deepest element is this betrayal from the last person he’d expect it from. He’s been playing by the rules; he’s been the good guy with everything he’s done. And the payoff for that is to be betrayed by the two people closest to him? It makes him question everything he’s doing, how much he’s sacrificing and suffering.

To read the rest of the interview with Richard Madden, continue to

March 15 2012

Making Game of Thrones: Weapons

 Tommy Dunne delves into the increasing complexity of the on-screen weaponry in the second season.

February 21 2012

February 16 2012

December 11 2011

Meet the Guy Who Sees What Isn’t There (Yet)

By Cat Taylor

Naill McEvoyVFX Data Wrangler
Dragon & Wolf units
N. Ireland/Iceland

Job description:
“We gather as much information as we can from a shooting day, be it lighting information, camera information, lens tilt, height…anything that helps us integrate non-existing elements into the final frame. The only way to make these look real is to light them correctly, and shoot them correctly so they fit into the original plate. If you’ve ever seen poor visual effects, I guarantee that it’s because it wasn’t lit right. So we take all the references, categorizing them all, so when we go back at a later date and shoot an element, we can recreate everything accurately.”

Biggest Challenge working on GOT:
“Well, essentially, GOT is a 10-hour-long feature film. It’s a TV show, yes, but HBO demands excellence. To film something of this scale, in our timeframe, everyone has to be on the top of their game, and every detail is important. And the mud. So many of our locations are muddy fields, or muddy quarries. I’ve woken up from dreams where I’m choking on mud. Look at where we are (in a very muddy field at Audley Tower, which is serving as one of Robb’s camps) everything is ridiculous! Every so often you take a step back and think this is crazy, but then it’s amazing. I can't think of anything else I'd rather be doing.”

VFX elements he’s most looking forward to in Season 2:
“I would like to see how the dragons have grown, progressed and improved. They appeared late in Season 1, right at the end of episode10. In the upcoming season, we see a lot more of them, and that’s really exciting. And the direwolves. We’ve been involved in creating them this season, and we’ve shot a lot of elements with them. These things are big, the size of small horses, and I can’t wait to see how they look.”

Favorite Character:
“I like the really evil guys. Viserys was so good. So evil. I think he was underrated in a lot of respects, but I thought he was great. And Joffrey. Joffrey was fantastic. I mean what a little bastard. Jack Gleeson is such an amazing kid in real life, all the kids have been amazing, but Jack in particular, being such a nice guy in real life and such a bastard on screen.”

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December 01 2011

June 20 2011

A Season Finale’s Dance With Dragons

By Steve Marzolf

You’d think that settling on the look of a dragon that’s going to close the first season of your groundbreaking new HBO series might be a bit nerve-wracking. But according to ‘Game of Thrones’ creator D.B. Weiss, it’s basically just pure awesomeness. “Whose inner 12-year-old doesn’t want to build dragons from the ground up? We had some really talented people working with us to make them into a reality,” he says of working with Bluebolt, UK – the lead VFX vendor for GOT Season 1. “We started with a lot of George [R.R. Martin]’s ideas about dragons, because George has definitely spent more time thinking about dragons than anyone I’ve ever met. We put together a giant file of notes and images, then the team took those and modeled them into something organic that’s hopefully really effective for people.”

Read the full interview with David Benioff and D.B. Weiss on to hear more of their thoughts on the biggest moments of Season 1.

June 13 2011

Maisie Williams Says Goodbye to an On-Screen Father

Last week, when we spoke to Maisie Williams about Arya’s experience in ‘The Pointy End,’ we also asked her about Sean Bean’s dramatic and unexpected exit from the series. “It was great working with Sean, and now he’s gone,” she said. “So it’s going to be really hard. And Arya has to learn to live without Ned … So, in both worlds – ‘Game of Thrones’ and reality – we’re going to miss him.” Shooting Lord Stark’s final scene on the steps of Baelor’s Sept turned out to be a particularly affecting experience for Maisie: “On the day they shot the execution, there’s a part when I’m in the middle of the crowd with Yoren. All the extras were screaming and shouting, and it was really emotional. It was horrible because there were all these people yelling horrible words … it all just seemed more real then, what Arya was going through.”

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June 06 2011

Maisie Williams shares her thoughts on ‘The Pointy End’

By Steve Marzolf

Watching Arya Stark, it's hard to believe that 'Game of Thrones' was Maisie Williams’ first acting job. And, as if landing a big role with the second audition of her career weren’t daunting enough, there was also the matter of getting to know her new movie-star dad: "I was a bit apprehensive because I'd never met him before and we were supposed to have such a close relationship – and of course, it was Sean Bean," she says. 'So...I was a bit shy. He was very nice, though, and made it a lot easier. The first scene was difficult, but after that it loosened up." Unfortunately, the same kind of happy ending doesn’t seem to be in store for Arya. In an exclusive interview, we spoke with Maisie about everything her character lost in last night's episode: her mentor, her innocence and maybe her family as well.

Read the full interview with Maisie Williams on

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