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August 01 2017

Get Insight Into Euron Greyjoy’s Rockstar Costume

GoT costume designer Michele Clapton discusses dressing the King of the Ironborn.

July 31 2017

Indira Varma on Favorite Moments, Ellaria’s Passion and Politics

The actor discusses playing the ultimate vengeful paramour, Ellaria Sand. CONTAINS EPISODE 3 SPOILERS.

July 28 2017

The Beautiful Deaths of “Dragonstone” and “Stormborn”

Artist Robert Ball has captured significant GoT deaths with his particular style and design since Season 1. See his Season 7 Episode 1 and 2 posters here. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

July 27 2017

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Cersei Takes on a Dragon Skull in This Storyboard

Take a look at the storyboard of Cersei and Qyburn’s scene from “Stormborn.”

July 25 2017

Look Over the Letters and Pages Featured in ‘Stormborn’

From Tyrion’s letter to Jon to the book Sam used to to attempt a procedure, get an up-close look at these documents from Season 7, Episode 2.

Get a Closer Look at the Red Keep Dragon Skulls

“Stormborn” gave audiences a glimpse of the incredible dragon skulls, big and small, hidden below the Red Keep by Robert Baratheon.

July 24 2017

If you rotate it 90° counterclockwise you better can recognize Westeros.

Winter Festival
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Pilou Asbæk Is Creating a New Type of Villain in Euron

The actor behind Euron Greyjoy discusses how his character has evolved in Season 7. Spoilers follow for “Stormborn.”

Alfie Allen Talks Theon’s Future and Jumping Ship

The actor discusses the challenges and joys of playing Theon in Season 7. Spoilers follow for “Stormborn.”

Did You Catch This Thrones Throwback in ‘Stormborn’?

This season of Game of Thrones is all about things coming together. Check out this reference to the past from Season 7, Episode 2.

July 22 2017

11 Highlights From the SDCC Game of Thrones Panel

A massive audience was treated to questions and insights from the cast at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con panel. Here’s what you should know.

July 20 2017

Head to Westeros With the SDCC Winter Is Here Activation

Winter is finally here, and so is San Diego Comic-Con. This year’s activation allows fans to travel to the many locales of Westeros, for some fun photo ops and one-of-a-kind GoT-themed experiences.

See a Storyboard of Bran’s Arrival at Castle Black

Check out a storyboard after the jump of Bran’s meeting from “Dragonstone.”

Your Game of Thrones Guide to SDCC 2017

Game of Thrones is taking San Diego Comic Con by storm. Here’s your guide to all GoT events and swag.

July 18 2017

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Read Cersei’s Summons to Jon Snow

Cersei Lannister does not mince words. Check out her letter to Jon Snow from Season 7, Episode 1 after the jump.

July 17 2017

Did You Catch This Thrones Throwback?

This season of Game of Thrones is all about things coming together. Check out this reference to the past from Season 7 Episode 1.

Ed Sheeran Visits Westeros

The singer talks canceling a week of studio time to play a Lannister soldier and why he thought his character would die on GoT.
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