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June 21 2017

With Winter, Comes a New Trailer

The enemy is real. Get a look at the latest trailer from Season 7 of Game of Thrones.

See the Season 7 Character Posters

Winter is coming for them all. Get a look after the jump.

Winter Is Here

Summer has nothing on winter. Find out how to embrace the cold after the jump.  

June 20 2017

GoT and MLB Are Teaming Up This Summer

Winter is coming to Westeros, but summer has arrived at a ballpark near you. Major League Baseball Game of Thrones nights begin June 20. Find out more after the jump.

June 19 2017

Can You Answer the Season 3 #PrepareforWinter Trivia?

Did you make a blunder like Edmure Tully or prove yourself a formidable foe? See how you did with the Season 3 questions and answers.

June 17 2017

Poor Jon T-Shirt
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June 13 2017

Go Inside GoT’s Special Effects

Special effects supervisor Sam Conway talks creating “chaos and mayhem” from the set of Season 7.

June 12 2017

Keep Up With #PrepareforWinter Trivia

Winter is coming July 16. Get ready by testing your knowledge of Game of Thrones Season 2.

June 11 2017

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Watching some other show’s intro…

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June 08 2017

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@aaryastark made a gem but is too afraid to post it on her blog, so im takin one for the team

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Arya Meme
4/10 Scenes: Acorn Hall

“I have no gowns of leaves,” said Lady Smallwood with a small fond smile, “but Carellen left some other dresses that might serve. Come, child, let us go upstairs and see what we can find.” 

It was even worse than before; Lady Smallwood insisted that Arya take another bath, and cut and comb her hair besides; the dress she put her in this time was sort of lilac-colored, and decorated with little baby pearls. The only good thing about it was that it was so delicate that no one could expect her to ride in it. So the next morning as they broke their fast, Lady Smallwood gave her breeches, belt, and tunic to wear, and a brown doeskin jerkin dotted with iron studs. “They were my son’s things,” she said. “He died when he was seven.”

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Arya Meme: (8/9) Quotes
I won’t cry, she thought, I won’t do that. I’m a Stark of Winterfell, our sigil is the direwolf, direwolves don’t cry.

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June 06 2017

Get an Inside Look at the Costumes of Game of Thrones

While prepping for Season 7, costume designer Michele Clapton discusses her approach to telling the show’s stories, and where she finds inspiration.

June 05 2017

Play the #PrepareforWinter Trivia Game

Winter comes July 16. Get ready by testing your knowledge of Game of Thrones seasons past.

June 01 2017

Countdown to Season 7 With #PrepareforWinter

Winter is coming and one questions remains: are you ready? Find out how to prep for Season 7 after the jump.

May 24 2017

Check Out the GoT Season 7 Trailer

The Great War is here. Watch the first official trailer for Season 7.  
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May 23 2017

See the Official Season 7 Art

There’s more to the Season 7 art than meets the eye. Get a closer look here.  
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