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Maisie Williams Says Goodbye to an On-Screen Father

Last week, when we spoke to Maisie Williams about Arya’s experience in ‘The Pointy End,’ we also asked her about Sean Bean’s dramatic and unexpected exit from the series. “It was great working with Sean, and now he’s gone,” she said. “So it’s going to be really hard. And Arya has to learn to live without Ned … So, in both worlds – ‘Game of Thrones’ and reality – we’re going to miss him.” Shooting Lord Stark’s final scene on the steps of Baelor’s Sept turned out to be a particularly affecting experience for Maisie: “On the day they shot the execution, there’s a part when I’m in the middle of the crowd with Yoren. All the extras were screaming and shouting, and it was really emotional. It was horrible because there were all these people yelling horrible words … it all just seemed more real then, what Arya was going through.”

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